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“88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people”
Reviews Matter – Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Introducing Doctor GPA

  1. Total Control of Your Online Reputation
  2. You choose which reviews are visible to the public ensuring only real patients can leave you reviews
  3. Guaranteed Review Placement – Reviews cannot be hidden or filtered
  4. SEO Friendly for star ratings and easy implementation on your website
  5. Simple to implement in your practice immediately
  6. And so much more!

Doctor GPA is a powerful tool that gives your practice the ability to expand your online reputation by promoting and enhancing patient reviews while giving you complete control of your online reputation. Working with thousands of cosmetic practices worldwide, one of the most common issues that every practice faces is a large amount of truly happy and grateful patients that are unable to leave effective reviews online. Almost every review system has certain filters, which means that when patients try to leave reviews for you online, they are often “filtered” or “hidden.” This is frustrating for both the practice and also the patient – because the patient is happy to share their experience and the practice cannot find an easy and effective way for the patient to do it. More times than not, patients will attempt to leave you a review online and after it is placed, it is removed or hidden by the system. This puts the practice in a difficult spot – do you ask the patient to leave you another review on a different source, just leave it alone and hope it shows up at some point or give the patient a simple option that will meet your needs and give them the ability to quickly and easily write you a review where you are 100% sure it will not be hidden.

Doctor GPA solves your review problems. Doctor GPA gives your practice the power to control your reputation online, monitor and post all reviews and most importantly be assured that every single patient that wants to leave you a review can and that it will not be filtered or hidden. This gives your practice the ability to literally generate hundreds of new reviews every single month off of a simple platform.

The Doctor GPA widget also gives you the ability to easily showcase your reviews on your website. You can also target your reviews, meaning you can adjust the order of the reviews, put procedure specific reviews on individual procedure pages and so much more. Conversion increases dramatically when patients see relevant content and procedure specific reviews that are constantly updated. When a patient is on your website and learning about a procedure – reviews focused on that particular procedure are much more likely to convert the patient, versus random reviews about other procedures.

How is Doctor GPA different than anything else out there?

  1. You will not have any reviews that are hidden or filtered making the process simple and easy for you and your patients. This heavily increases the amount of reviews online for practices.
  2. You have TOTAL control of all of your reviews. This is extremely unique and gives you the ability to be sure that all reviews left for you are 100% accurate and true. Controlling your online reputation has never been easier.
  3. SEO Value – Most review programs are on your website in a non-search engine friendly manner. Doctor GPA reviews not only assist your SEO, it also gives your website the ability have star ratings on Google. This means that when patients see your website online, they will instantly see your star rating on most Google searches. This increases conversion and the click through rate, helping your overall online marketing tremendously.
  4. Unlimited Reviews – Many sites will limit the number of reviews you are allowed in a given time frame or attempt to charge you additional fees for more – with Doctor GPA you are allowed unlimited reviews every single month. We encourage you to promote your practice as much as possible. Your online reputation consistently being updated and staying active is a vital part to your success both online and offline.
  5. You Own Your Reviews – As you have probably found out the hard way many of the sites that help you generate reviews actually own the reviews and you are only allowed to use them as long as you are a subscriber. With Doctor GPA you own your reviews and you can use them for any of your marketing efforts. You will never lose them.
  6. Overall Online Reputation – Doctor GPA also makes it very simple for patients leaving you reviews to not only leave the review on Doctor GPA, but also on all other review sites. You can pick and choose which sites you want to promote the most or least, and let Doctor GPA do the legwork for you.
  7. Simple to Use and Simple to Implement on your website – Doctor GPA was made in order to truly simplify the process of getting reviews online and showcasing them on your website. We have made a difficult task for you and your staff simple.

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