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Videos are essential to your practice and its online marketing. They are vital for your website, social media and other online platforms. Video will increase your conversion online significantly and also greatly benefit your SEO.

Here are some statistics so you understand the true value.

  • Practices that have videos on their website average 41% more traffic
  • 73% of patients are more likely to contact an office after seeing a video
  • Videos increase online conversion by 80%.

NKP has teamed up with top of the line production house to offer you Hollywood caliber videos at very affordable rates. The largest issue with videos for a practice like yours is that the costs are enormous. The average price nationwide is between $2,800 – $3,200 per 2-3 minute video – which makes it very costly to have numerous videos on your website. We have negotiated amazing rates for our clients and we wanted to extend that to you as well. We are able to do this because we will be filming during the AACS meeting and you can get all of your videos done, while you are there. This cuts costs tremendously, having everyone in the same area which in turn saves you a lot of money.

We have negotiated a special rate of 5 videos for $5,000. This includes pre-production, filming and editing, motion graphics, music library etc. Unlike many others out there, you will own and have full usage rights to videos as well. This production company has worked with Microsoft, Disney, Swiffer, Lexus, Land Rover, Sciton, Zeltiq and many more large companies including commercials that have aired during the Super bowl!

This is a very unique opportunity to get truly professional and high converting videos for your website, at a very low cost.

Naturally, we are limited on space and times so this offer is strictly on a first come, first served basis. We have slots available in San Diego on Feb 9th, Feb 10th and Feb 11th between 8 am and 7 PM – and it will require approximately 1 full hour of actual film time. The subject of the videos should be procedure focused and practice focused.

Please reply to this email to confirm your time slot so we can set this up. Slots are going fast already with current clients of NKP Medical so we recommend replying as soon as possible if you are interested.

Also, here are some examples of videos this production firm has done, both in the medical field and outside of the medical field.

Please reply if you are interested or feel free to call and ask for me at (866) 539-2201.

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Effective Medical Website Design involves more than just design, more than content, more than mere knowledge. Effective Medical Website Development requires a combination of all of these in conjunction with intelligence, daily hard work and exceptional effort. NKP Medical has numerous web designers, all with different styles of design.

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