We’ve gone over the importance of having good content, but there are also other factors that come into play when it comes to SEO. There are specific criteria that a page needs to meet which determine if it is really optimized, but if you don’t know what is important, you’ll never be able to keep up.


SEO would be so much easier if you could just pack a high volume of keywords into your pages, but in reality, that won’t do you any good. Not only is that going to decrease the quality of your content and its readability, sites like Google can detect keyword stuffing and cause your page’s ranking to suffer as a result.

There are certain areas where keywords must be placed, like the first paragraph of your page and in your headers. You need to place them in a way that feels natural and flows with the way the page reads.

There are also LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. These are keywords that are related or closely associated with your target keyword and are likely to come up naturally when searching for your target keyword. If the chosen keyword is “banana,” some LSI keywords could be “fruit,” “smoothie,” or “recipe.”


Having internal links is a great way to keep people on your site and is very good for SEO. Internal links take you to related pages on your site.

Your links should be relevant to the content on the page. Let’s say you’re talking about a tummy tuck and mention liposuction on that page. That’s a great place to add a link to your own liposuction page.

Your page can also benefit from having an outbound link to a source that is an authority on the subject of your page. A link on your tummy-tuck page that takes your audience to the ASPS site’s tummy-tuck page can be a good type of outbound link.

Additional Page Features

While words are key to crafting a good page, it’s important to have a variety of content. It helps keep the viewer engaged and adds more content that Google can pick up. Additional page features can include:
Featured before-and-after images
Featured testimonials

How NKP Can Help

At NKP Medical, we are always making key adjustments to your site and content to make sure your pages are always optimized to meet Google’s changing criteria. If you are interested in getting a new site or would like to know if your site is where it needs to be, contact NKP Medical for a free website evaluation.