For this week’s blog, we’re shining the spotlight on board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes at Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles. With nearly a decade of experience in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Hughes has performed over 9,000 procedures since 2010 and has earned the reputation of being one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in his field.

As most around Los Angeles already know, Dr. Hughes always brings a level of expertise and sophistication while working with clients to deliver optimal results and a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Dr. Hughes performs surgery for over 600 patients each year and has authored numerous papers and textbook chapters on cosmetic surgery topics. He is an expert in many plastic surgery procedures and takes a lot of pride specifically with his work in body contouring.

Currently, Dr. Hughes is focused on a cutting-edge approach to liposuction and the use of minimally invasive skin tightening offered by BodyTite. We asked Dr. Hughes about BodyTite and the impact this unique approach to body contouring can have.

Our Chat with Dr. Hughes About BodyTite

NKP: Dr. Hughes, tell us, what’s different about your approach to body-contouring surgeries?


Dr. Hughes: I think that BodyTite used with liposuction revision has ushered in a new advance in plastic surgery. Sometimes I use Bodytite to improve the skin as I perform liposuction or with revision liposuction prior to the Brazilian Butt lift. In the past, the only option was excisional surgeries like the tummy tuck to improve very poor liposuction results.

Now, BodyTite with skilled liposuction revision can produce much smoother results without the larger scars associated with excisional surgery, i.e. tummy tuck.

NKP: Can you tell us a little more about BodyTite?

Dr. Hughes: BodyTite is a less invasive option for skin tightening using RF (Radio-Frequency) technology that addresses some of the limitations associated with traditional liposuction or surgical body lifts. For patients looking to recontour their abdomen, sides, back, bra rolls, buttocks, and thighs while simultaneously tightening skin around it, BodyTite is certainly worth considering. The technology helps to remedy lumps, bumps, dents, divots, and deformities as well as improve loose skin wherever it may exist.

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