Talking Tummy Tucks with Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean Lillie

What made you want to become a surgeon?
The unique opportunity and privilege in plastic surgery to make a difference and to make a true impact on a patient’s life for good.

How long have you been performing tummy-tuck procedures?
I have been performing abdominoplasties for nearly 20 years. I have seen the evolution of the procedure from a simplistic, standardized approach to a highly individualized, refined, and holistic contouring experience.

What is the most common question patients ask you during a tummy-tuck consultation?
Common questions from patients include the length of scars, the recovery time, how much skin will be removed, and what the belly button will look like.

The length depends upon the skin laxity. Patients can usually go back to their desk job anywhere from two and a half to three weeks and return to full physical activity between six and eight weeks. The amount of skin that can be removed depends upon the looseness of the skin, which can be addressed at the first clinic appointment in order to provide realistic expectations.

Is there anything special or unique you bring to the tummy-tuck procedure?
I pride myself in creating a natural belly button.

Can I safely get pregnant years after I’ve had a tummy tuck?
Pregnancy can be achieved following a tummy tuck. However, a repeat tummy tuck is extremely likely after the delivery.

How soon after my pregnancy should I start considering a tummy tuck?
A tummy tuck can be performed as soon as two to four months after delivery or breastfeeding.