Your website is one of the most useful tools when it comes to growing your business and increasing your revenue. That is why you need to view your website as an investment and not just a product you purchase.

This point can be difficult to get across to some people, because they see and hear advertisements for website builders like Wix and Squarespace. While these can be very useful for certain businesses, they are not a substitute for custom websites built by professional web designers. We’re not just talking about how nice your website looks – we’re talking about getting the most out of your most profitable tool.

What Does a Website Builder Do?

In order to build a website, you need to know how to code and how to design. That means you need to have a solid grasp of coding languages and design programs like Photoshop.

Now, let’s say you know none of those things and still want to make a site.

A website builder is a tool that provides you with a way to build a simple website by substituting knowledge for templates and personalization for speed.

Instead of a construction crew, website builders provide you with building blocks that you can easily stack to make a simple structure. These structures function well and do not appear to have any glaring flaws, but they do not provide you with the same options you would have if you built your structure from the ground up.

Custom Websites vs. Templates

Website builders are useful tools for people who simply want a place to advertise their business online. It’s like putting up a billboard. They are great tools for start-ups, small-time bloggers, new small businesses, and small non-profits who need a cheap way to make their presence known.

With custom websites, you’re getting style, substance, and sustainability. When it comes to style, you’ll be working with a professional website designer who can create personalized visuals and layouts and can incorporate your vision into the design for your site.

The problem with website builders is that everyone who uses them is pulling from the same bag of limited templates. That means that a lot of these sites end up looking generic and bland.

Another important factor is that website builders are not great at search engine optimization. They have limited tools for optimizing your website, which can hurt your rankings on sites like Google, which in turn hurts your ability to generate new business.

Working with a professional design team means that each page and element of your website can be optimized. The ability to fine tune your website by making necessary tweaks and adjustments means that you can sustain the success of your website.

While website builders offer a quick and affordable way to enter the online world, you need to be able to recognize when the “affordable” option is actually hurting your success. In our next blog, we’ll be going over just how valuable a custom website is in the competitive world of online medical marketing.

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