When someone wants to look something up and browse their options, they more than likely use a mobile device rather than take the time to sit down at their desktop. This is due to the convenience of mobile devices.

The impact that mobile devices like smartphones have had on how we consume information, shop, and engage with others has also had a massive impact on SEO. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are unaware of how mobile SEO works and do not recognize how much their business can benefit by focusing on making the right changes to improve their mobile SEO.

Is There a Difference Between Desktop SEO and Mobile SEO?

You may be wondering what the difference is between desktop SEO and mobile SEO. The main thing you need to understand is that the major concepts behind SEO and mobile SEO are the same. The difference is in how these concepts are implemented.

There are some subtle differences when it comes to optimizing a mobile site compared to a desktop site. The first thing you need to understand is that mobile sites are not sites designed for people who are in transit and have to use a mobile device. A majority of people use their mobile devices even when they are at home. That means that they are primarily engaging with your business through your mobile site.

Building a Better Mobile Site

When building a mobile site, the content on your website, the performance of your website, and the experience that the user has when using your website are the main things to focus on.

Mobile devices have smaller screens and less power than desktops. This means that the amount of content you have on your site and the layout of your site might not translate well to mobile devices. Your mobile site should be built around how people consume information through mobile devices.

One of the most important factors is how well your site performs. No one wants to be hindered by slow site speeds and a clunky interface. If your site or one of your pages takes longer than a few seconds to load, a lot of users will quickly leave your site and find what they are looking for elsewhere. Search engines also look into how fast your site runs in order to give higher ranking to the results that ensure a better user experience.

Another thing you should know is that people’s search habits change depending on whether they are using a desktop or a mobile device. This includes the key words they use when searching for something and the context they use when searching for something.

Researching the keywords people use while on mobile is incredibly beneficial to the success of your business. When using a voice search, people select different keywords in comparison to traditional searches that involve typing. Someone might search for a coupon they can print out while on a desktop but would instead for a coupon that can be scanned when using a mobile device.

There are a lot of things you need to know when it comes to mobile SEO. We will be doing a series of blogs that will cover which online tools you need to use, how to design your mobile site, and how to make your content mobile friendly. Check out our blog throughout the month and use the information you find to help ensure the success of your business.

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