Social media is one of the best tools when it comes to growing your business, increasing your profits, and expanding your clientele. However, because some people only have a surface-level understanding of social media’s impact on daily life, they don’t fully understand just how useful of a tool it is. When used correctly, social media offers a cost-effective way to reach countless potential clients.

Cost and Reach

One of the biggest downsides of old-school marketing is the cost. Print media, billboards, television advertisements, and even online advertisements on sites can actually be pretty pricey. In addition to this, the price you pay for these forms of marketing only pays for a small window of time, which means that a limited amount of potential clients will even see them.

Posting on social media sites, on the other hand, is completely free. Not only that, the posts you make are seen by many more people on a daily basis. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are constantly populated by millions of people who have specific reasons for browsing. These reasons may not be related to your business, but if you are active on these heavily populated sites, you are exposing your business to countless people who may find themselves very interested in what you have to offer.

A good example of this is comparing a billboard to a tweet. Both can only have a limited amount of words, so the messages you place on them need to be to the point and grab the reader’s attention.

Now, think about how many people will see your billboard throughout the day. While some may notice it, a majority of people will simply pass it by, and others who may be interested will probably not take the time to return to the same spot and jot down the information they need.

In contrast to this, a tweet can be seen by everyone who follows you and by people searching for something related to that tweet or your business. A reader can also easily click back to your tweet to take down the important details.

Daily Management

Traditional forms of marketing tend to break things down by project. That means that they focus on a single way of presenting a product at a time. This can be very limiting when you consider the actual amount of potential clients that this advertisement will be seen by.

Social media accounts can be handled every day and post by post. That means that you are not locked down to one single way of presenting your product; you can adapt on the fly and change focus to make sure you are staying relevant. Trends change much faster than ever before, so being able to change course quickly is incredibly important.

Understanding how to take full advantage of social media is incredibly important. In our next blog on social media, we will go over maintaining an active online presence and engaging with others online. These are critical components of online marketing.

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