There is so much that goes into building and running a customized website. It can be easy to neglect some of the seemingly simple aspects of a site, but sometimes ignoring these areas can end up significantly hurting how well your site ranks.

It’s obvious that your website is going to need written content. You can’t just have nice graphics and pretty photos coupled with a word or two in a stylized font – the written content on your site is one of the primary ways potential clients engage with your site. That is why your site needs well-written and original content. 

What Makes Content “Good”?

Good content for a website isn’t the same as a good book or script. When thinking about content for a site, you need to think about other factors that impact the site as a whole. Does the content on your site have good SEO value? This is defined by factors like the number of key words and whether the content provides an answer for common search-engine queries. 

Good content should also be easily digestible by a majority of people. You’re not trying to impress a select few by using lofty words or complex sentence structures – you want anyone to be able to open your site and fully understand what is written without any hiccups.

This also means that you should be concise and clear with your content. Concise doesn’t mean cutting away everything to the bare minimum – it means being able to get your message across without losing the attention of the reader.

Do I Really Need Fresh Content?

When it comes to products like Botox that have their own websites filled with information, you may wonder why not just use that content? After all, it’s accurate and is already written in a way that really sells the product.

The problem is that Google and other search engines can detect when something is duplicate content. If Google scans your page and finds sentences that are identical to the one on the Botox page, the ranking for that page will suffer.

Taking the time to do the research on Botox and then writing your content in a way that is fresh and accurate, concise, and SEO friendly will improve your rankings instead of negatively affecting them. 

How NKP Medical Can Help

At NKP Medical, creating fresh and unique content for our clients is something we do daily. Our content team focuses on research, readability, and rankings so you can feel confident that the content you receive for your site is accurate, well-written, and optimized for searches. Contact NKP Medical today to speak with one of our representatives.