There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to how well your content ranks. Luckily, you can easily use these factors to your advantage. In this blog, we will go over four factors that play an important role in the success of the content on your site.

The Clarity and Quality of Content

One of the most important things to understand about SEO is that high-quality content is not always high-ranking content. Lengthy and dense content offers few benefits. Instead, the content on your site should be light, straightforward, and easily understood.

It can be tempting to demonstrate your expertise by giving overly detailed descriptions of what you do or offer. But having an abundance of content does not mean that the people on your site are going to bother reading it.

How do you create quality copy and content? Think about the reader and how they will engage with what you put out. Is the headline relevant to the body of content? Are you using keywords in your header, meta tags, and content?

A lot of readers may find large blocks of text to be intimidating. Try breaking up the content with pictures, videos, and GIFs to keep the reader’s attention stimulated.

Internal Linking

Having consistent internal linking is incredibly beneficial. One of its biggest benefits is that it provides your users with a clear and effective way to navigate through the content on your site. This prevents users from leaving your site out of frustration.

Consistent internal linking also helps to increase page authority throughout your site. Page authority is a way to determine how high pages will rank in search results.

Blog posts are a good opportunity to use internal links. Let’s say you post a blog about recovering from an arm lift. The content itself is very specific, so the reader may want to know more about the arm-lift procedure. If you link to your site’s relevant arm-lift page within that blog, the reader will be more likely to click on that link and continue browsing your site.

Optimization of Videos and Images

We have gone over optimizing photos in previous blogs, but the importance of this can’t be overstressed. Optimize those videos and images to make sure your site loads quickly. Having a poor load time can be devastating to your SEO performance – you won’t be able to keep the reader’s attention if your site takes too long to load.

Content Promotion

“I have high-quality user-friendly content, my content is optimized, and I consistently use internal links. Why am I not ranking higher?” The simple answer is poor content promotion. Just because your content is out there doesn’t mean anybody will notice it, even if the content is high quality.

If you want people to notice what you put out, you need to promote it and build an audience. The other areas we have covered in this blog will do a lot to improve the success of your content, and properly promoting your content will only enhance your results.

Try reaching out to customers, influencers, and even your employees to get them to share your content on social media. Contact similar sites that you are not in competition with and see if they can help build your online presence by sharing your content.

At NKP Medical, our in-depth understanding of these four areas of content and our ability to implement effective strategies in these areas are the keys to our success. Contact us if you are looking for a highly experienced and knowledgeable team to help grow your business.