In our last blog, we went over the basics of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. One of the biggest things we touched on is how important it is to set up and manage your campaign. How do you set up and manage your campaign to ensure its success? At NKP Medical Marketing, we have a refined and effective approach that we implement.


When we start the setup for your campaign, we come in with a clear strategy. A huge part of that strategy is determining what you are trying to accomplish with your PPC campaign. In this case, we are aiming to drive more traffic towards your site that you can convert into clients. Once you have found the focus of your campaign, the next step is to figure out the best way to reach your target audience.

We use the focus of your campaign to determine which key words and search phrases will work best and draw in the largest amount of potential clients. We use relevant data to figure out how someone searches for what you’re offering, and we use that to craft an advertisement that will draw in clicks. An attractive ad needs to be compelling and full of relevant key words, and it must include a call to action that entices the person to click.

The goal is to make sure the link they clicked on takes them exactly where they want to go. If someone clicks on a link only to end up on a page with no relevant information, there is a huge chance that they will leave your site. We make sure that each ad links to the most relevant landing page that will transform a click into a client.

Managing Your PPC Campaign

At this point, your PPC campaign is in action and is drawing in clicks. Now, it’s time to make sure your campaign is performing well and drawing in business. There are multiple aspects of your campaign, which means some aspects may be doing better for you than others. The only way to determine which aspects are performing optimally is to analyze them.

Our team monitors and analyzes each aspect of your campaign on a weekly basis. Are these key words drawing in clicks? Is the campaign finding its audience? Which aspect is not performing as well as it can? Finding an answer to these questions allows us to continually optimize and improve your PPC campaign.

A well-executed and tightly managed campaign is what you need to make your investment in your PPC campaign worth it. If you are interested in setting up a PPC campaign, or if you are in need of any other online marketing services, contact NKP to speak to one of our team members.