If you were searching for something online and had the option of reading several paragraphs or watching a quick video, which one would you choose? Most people would click on the video because it seems like the more convenient option. A lot of people also find visual media more engaging.

With this in mind, we’re going to go over why videos are good for SEO value. We’ll also discuss how to use them as a tool to draw in more potential customers for your business.

Videos and Medical Marketing

If you are a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, a huge part of your business is being able to produce noticeable results. Potential clients are interested in seeing the kind of work you produce so that they can feel more confident in your ability to deliver.

We talked about the importance of before-and-after galleries in a previous blog; this is like taking that idea and putting it on a bigger and more visible platform. YouTube is one of the biggest and most active sites on the internet, and millions of people are watching videos on there every day.

Videos also offer a way for clients to get a glimpse at your demeanor. A lot of potential clients spend time looking for the perfect surgeon to perform their procedure. Videos offer a way for potential clients to see how you interact with patients, and they help potential clients get a feel for your personality. If they like what they see, there is a greater chance that they will choose you for their surgery.

How Videos Can Generate Business

The best way to integrate videos as a part of your marketing campaign is to make an account for your business or practice on YouTube. Once the video is uploaded, it can easily be shared across multiple social media platforms. Your videos can also be uploaded to your site on a video gallery page.

Videos can generate business in two ways. The first way is drawing in people who may be interested in a specific procedure or treatment. The second way is highlighting specific treatments to previous clients.

Let’s say one of your previous clients who follows you on Twitter sees a video for Botox treatments that you posted. They know that you can provide good results, so they will be more likely to come to you after becoming interested in Botox injections.

Quality Matters

Before you start posting videos, you need to keep in mind that you can’t just pull out your phone, record something, and then upload it. Video quality, length, and editing are important factors to consider when making content. A poorly shot video with bad lighting and awkward dialogue can end up pushing potential patients away.

We will be going over how to approach creating your video content in another blog post, so make sure to follow our blog. If you are ready to start your online marketing campaign with NKP Medical, contact our office today to speak with one of our representatives so you can get started.

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