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Since the ASAPS numerous clients have sent me marketing from competition about mobile websites and Google’s stance on that issue. I felt it necessary to respond to those emails primarily because they are misleading and simply not true. NKP is the only company in the industry that has mastered it and our competition’s inability to compete is leading them to inaccurate conclusions. The common statements being made are:

  1. The mobile market is not worth marketing to.
  2. Google says not to have a mobile website.
  3. Mobile Websites are bad for your SEO because of duplicate content.
  4. The mobile trend is just hype.

I wanted to personally respond to each individual statement being made – because they are wrong and easy to prove the companies sending them are either very far behind on technology or misleading you – either way it is a tactic to defend their limitations.

  1. The mobile market is not worth marketing to.

    RESPONSE – This is easy to prove from many aspects. First, review your analytics and you can see exactly how many patients are on your website using a smartphone. Clients of NKP average between 25 – 35% – around 3 out of every 10 patients on your site. Is that worth marketing to? Also, 46% of all Americans own a smartphone – 84% of them use there smartphone primarily for internet searches. It is obviously a horrible decision to not adapt to the new search method patients are using. 20 years ago your most profitable marketing tool was the yellow pages, 10 years ago it was mainly your website and now it can be the mobile market – it is growing tremendously day after day. Who do you know that doesn’t have a smartphone??

  2. Google says not to have a mobile website.

    RESPONSE – ABSOLUTE LIE. I can write pages on this but I will keep it short because it is such a horribly deceiving statement. 1. Does Google have a mobile website? YES 2. Google created a resource showing you how and what rules to follow when you create a mobile website. Oh, and the home page lead statement they give you is “Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind. A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers and increase sales, but a bad mobile experience can drive your customers to your competition.” If you really need more evidence just email me and I can send you about 20 different videos, directly from Google saying why you need a mobile website. Also, I will send you a copy of the Google Webmaster Tools, where they added 5 pages a few months ago covering the importance of mobile websites and mobile SEO.

  3. Mobile Websites are bad for your SEO because of duplicate content.

    RESPONSE – This is very true if you do not follow the rules given by Google. Simply put, the companies that send this out don’t understand how Google reads websites and the fact that Google has “robots” for both the mobile website and the regular website is the best sign that it is good for your online rankings. The big “if” is it has to be done properly and follow Google’s rules. Obviously, if something can be bad for your website the opposite can be good for your website. Thankfully, Google has laid these rules out clearly with a list of “do’s” and “don’ts”. It is clear that if the mobile website is not set up properly it will hurt your main websites SEO. NKP has been the leader in the field and we do it correctly and our clients have benefited tremendously from it. I have seen a few other “big name” companies out there that are doing it wrong and their clients are being hurt. Again, this is another subject that is so easy to prove wrong. If you need more evidence go to the “Google SEO Starter Guide” and review pages 22 through 27.

    Here is the link for: SEO Starter Guide

    This is directly from Google – very difficult to argue against what Google states in their SEO starter guide.

  4. The mobile trend is just hype.

    RESPONSE – Do you remember when it was “hype” to have a “website?” I remember a few years back when the IPhone was “hype.” About 12 years ago SEO was “hype.” As you know, the practices that jump on the new trends have a head start on everyone else. 25 – 35% of your total traffic is not hype and happening right now, that is the volume of visitors on your website using a smartphone. Do you really believe there are going to be less smartphone users in 2013 than in 2012? It is estimated that in 2013 more Americans will use their smartphone to search online versus using their desktop computer. Mobile websites, done properly are vital for your practices conversion and traffic – it is not hype – it is a very real thing.

If you have any questions at all please call my assistant Doyle and set up a time for us to speak at (866) 539-2201 – or feel free to call me on my cell phone as well. 310-480-8949.

Here is my little drop for NKP – we do charge more than some for mobile websites but you get the best product on the market and we are far from the highest priced. Most importantly, you are getting a mobile website that only helps your main website (following Google’s strict rules) and truly converts patients by adapting to the medium they chose to find you with. I have seen so many mobile sites built by other companies done wrong and hurting that doctor’s conversions and rankings online. If you already have a mobile site not done by NKP – let us do a quick review before it hurts your main website.

Hope you found this helpful – if you did do me a favor and send it to a few of your friends. (obviously ones that are not your competition)

David Phillips
CEO – NKP Medical Marketing, INC

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