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Aesthetica! at Washington DC

Visit with NKP Medical at Washington DC at Aesthetica. Aesthetica 2016 provides you with three concurrent sessions under one roof. Maximize your time away from the office and tailor your educational experience. Attend any of the three concurrent sessions offered June 23-25. “One of the best educational conference of the year!” –Attendee from 2015 program […]

AACD Toronto Meeting

NKP will be at the AACD Toronto Meeting! Booth #1732 More Info Floor Plan Travel and Hotel Information

The Aesthetic Meeting – ASAPS

David Phillips will be speaking numerous times at ASAPS in reference to Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management. We look forward to seeing you there. Stop by booth #546. Exhibitor Directory / Floor Plan More Info

The Aesthetic Guide March/April 2016

Effective Social Media Strategy Key to Aesthetic Practice Success Social media marketing should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. With the majority of your audience currently active across various social media sites – 72% of all internet users are now active on social media and 47% of Americans say that Facebook is […]

David Phillips in The Aesthetic Guide

Critical Aspects of a Successful Online Presence and Search Engine Marketing Common Questions and Answers As the owner of one of the largest cosmetic medical marketing firms, I get numerous questions from both current and potential clients in reference to the value of Search Engine Marketing, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Overall, PPC can […]

The Facial Rejuvenation 2016: AAFPRS

Will you be at the AAFPRS in Beverly hills next week? Stop by Booth #25 and meet with us. More Info

Mobile Websites – Lies you hear

NKP Medical Monthly Newsletter Since the ASAPS numerous clients have sent me marketing from competition about mobile websites and Google’s stance on that issue. I felt it necessary to respond to those emails primarily because they are misleading and simply not true. NKP is the only company in the industry that has mastered it and […]

People VS. Robots

For decades, science fiction writers have warned us this day would come. There is a battle under- way, and the combatants are just as predicted: What the futurists failed to tell us was that, in this iteration, the fight is not for survival but for your attention. The fight is not in an urban wasteland […]

Simple, Free ways to Market Yourself and Get More Business Now

Numerous clients have asked what else they can do expand there online presence to get more patients online. My response is always that there are numerous free ways to do that, and below is a sampling of a few. Feel free to email me anytime….just use the contact form on this website. 1. Social Networking […]

Importance of Marketing – Even when the economy is down

I speak to hundreds of cosmetic surgeons every single year, and recently have called some of my top performing clients to figure out how they are doing so well, in this economy. I have heard numerous different answers, from “I guess I am just lucky” to “I am the best in my area.” However, I […]