Your website’s domain can play a major role in your online marketing, brand identity and patient conversion. NKP owns thousands of domains that might be perfect for you. If you are interested in developing a site for a certain procedure or developing a brand for your practice, we can help not only online but also with your domain. We have thousands of domains focusing on all procedures and also domains that are perfect for creating or enhancing your brand.

Below you will find just a small sampling of some of our domains. But before that, here are a few of the more commons questions that we receive.

I already have a website. Does it hurt me with the search engines to switch my domain for branding?

If you already have a website that you have developed, buying a new domain can still be a good thing for your practice if you’re looking to rebrand it or want a stronger domain name. The search engines give you the ability to do redirects, which transfer the value of your current domain to a new domain. This gives you the ability to choose a brand new domain and not lose the value you have built up with Google over the years. NKP has been extremely successful doing this for numerous practices worldwide.

Do I own the domain?

Once you purchase the domain from NKP Medical, you are given a few options. The best option is for us to set up your own GoDaddy account, and we can immediately transfer the domain into your account so you have full ownership of it. If you choose for us to keep it in our main account, we will change the registrar information so that the domain is always in your name and you are always the full owner of it as well. The short answer is yes, you will own and have full rights to the domain.

Are the domains penalized or looked at negatively by Google?

This is an important question. You get emails constantly from people trying to sell domains but you do not know the history of that domain. This means that you can be buying a great domain name that is blacklisted with Google for something bad it has done in the past. We only offer virgin domains – literally domains that have never been used for anything before. This gives you the ability to buy a domain that has no bad history with the search engines. It is very important for your long-term growth and ensures that you do not start off with a bad domain that is penalized by Google.

How much do they cost?

It depends. We have domains that range from $400 to over $25,000.

We encourage you to review some of the domains we own below and inquire with us about the thousands of other domains we own. If you have a particular field or procedure that you were attempting to focus on, please feel free to contact us directly and we will see if we own the relevant domains or if we can find some online for you.

Some Domains We Own


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