Micro Websites

Micro websites can be a very profitable marketing tool for your practice. They are procedure-focused websites promoting only a few portions (usually most profitable) of your practice. The benefit is that they give you the ability to promote a specific set of procedures that are most profitable to you.

When you have an entire site focused on a few procedures, it makes SEO and PPC much more beneficial. It also gives you the ability to show patients that you are an expert in that specific area, because you have an entire website focused on it.

NKP has specialized in micro websites since our inception. It is important to choose a company that knows exactly how to use a micro website to not only generate new leads for your practice but also use it to expand your web presence. A micro website, if done properly, will not only rank well for its target market but will also enhance the rankings of your main website. Many clients of NKP have multiple page 1 rankings for specific procedures that showcase both the main website and also the micro website. This is very important, because with marketing, the higher the ranking, the higher the chance the patient will choose you versus your competition.

NKP does recommend using micro websites not only to be an individual profit-producing website for your practice but also to be used to promote your main website. Micro websites are also very effective in growing your social media presence. NKP has clients who have only one micro website and a few clients who have over 20 micro websites; most have more than one. Once you see the value of it, meaning the profits, it will make total sense to you to have more than one.