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Did you know that over three out of every ten patients visiting your website are doing so on smartphones? If you do not have a mobile website then you are making a mistake – it is that simple. A mobile website is tailored to the mobile user, versus a regular website or responsive website that only shows them your main website.

The benefit of a mobile website is that it is specifically built for the end user, meaning that a patient searching from a smartphone gets the experience they want and are expecting. A mobile website is important because it gives your patient a faster experience and utilizes the technology they are using. Website marketing is unique and one size does not fit all, which is why you need a mobile website. Practices with a mobile website typically see a 56% increase in contacts directly from it, as compared to a user going to a website on a smartphone and not finding a mobile website.

Currently, over 50% of all Americans own a smartphone. Next year, it is expected to be much higher. Websites not built for the smartphone user specifically do not convert well. There are many things you need to consider when thinking about a mobile website. The most important part is for you to realize that a high amount of your traffic is coming from smartphones. The second is to make this decision: If you were on a website with your smartphone, would you prefer a website built specifically for you or not? The third thing you have to weigh is the value it creates for your practice. A mobile website consistently is one of the best investments a cosmetic practice can make.

Why does the NKP mobile website put you above all else? It’s quite simple. Our website does not require a patient to go to a separate site to see your mobile site. Patients finding you on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL or just clicking on a link from their friend’s email that just referred you as the person to go to are automatically sent to your mobile website.

Mobile sites give the potential client the ability to instantly call the office, instantly email the office and instantly text the office in the format they are used to. Patients can easily access your services, view before and after photos, watch videos, find your office, call your office, email your office, text your office, read about procedures and so much more.

This service includes mobile search engine optimization, along with updates and changes. It is important for you to be sure your mobile website is always up to date; NKP includes this in our service. For example, when a new smartphone comes out or when new updates come out for phones like the iPhone, browser settings are typically altered, changing the look and format of the site. Other companies don’t offer continual maintenance, which is vital for mobile marketing. If your website does not work on a smartphone, you are losing three out of ten patients instantly.

Our mobile websites are exceptional and unmatched. No other company can compete with our exclusive and uniquely designed websites and software; our cutting-edge technology surpasses any other available and will maximize your rankings and conversion.

For your practice, a mobile website is not an option – it is a necessity. NKP Medical are experts in building mobile websites and converting your mobile traffic. Mobile websites are very cost effective and produce one of the highest yields of return for your marketing dollars. Call us today to learn more!

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Effective Medical Website Design involves more than just design, more than content, more than mere knowledge. Effective Medical Website Development requires a combination of all of these in conjunction with intelligence, daily hard work and exceptional effort. NKP Medical has numerous web designers, all with different styles of design.

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