Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are the new trend for website designs – they adapt to the device that the patient is searching from. This means that the patient searching from an iPad gets the same experience as a patient searching from a desktop computer. The site automatically changes the screen size and gives you the ability to have one site that works across all platforms, including smart phones. This can make the web experience of your patients better, because you only have to update one website versus having to update the main website and other individual websites. All sites built by NKP Medical work on all desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones. It is vital that your website works on all platforms available to ensure patient conversion and your search engine rankings.

It is important that you consider all options for your practice, as a responsive website may not be the best fit for your needs. You have numerous options that are as good or better, but again, it is your choice. All websites built by NKP focus on converting desktop, laptop, tablet (mobile) and smartphone (mobile) traffic. It is vital that your website is mobile friendly and works across all platforms. At NKP, we will discuss your needs and explain all of your options so that all of your needs are met.