Treatment Planner

Treatment Planner is a very powerful and effective tool that gives patients on your website the ability to visually see what procedures are available for them based on their interest areas. This was created by NKP Medical in house and converts patients very well.

Patients who visit your website for non-surgical options are able to choose areas of interest, and from there, the treatment planner will distinguish which services may be best for the patient. Patients are then able to review and learn about all of their options, including emailing the treatment plan to themselves, printing the treatment plan and also emailing you the plan so you can help them decide if that is the best fit for their individual case.

There are many benefits for you to add this to your website, including increased patient conversion, a very modern tool that many of your competitors do not have and a fun tool that gives patients reasons to come onto your website and into your office. Every plan can be emailed to the patient and yourself in order to help you understand what the patient is interested in before speaking with them. We also host it through our server so that the tool will in no way slow down the speed of your website.

To learn about how to have this added to your website, call us today at (866) 539-2201 or email us.

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