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If you are happy with the current design of your website but puzzled as to why it is not converting patients or ranking well on search engines, this is the option for you. A website takeover with NKP allows you to keep the exact same design of your website or make small design changes to make it more modern and friendly to your patients. The website takeover most importantly is the process of recoding your website entirely. NKP will add current SEO techniques, a more user-friendly system and proven patient conversion techniques that will increase the contacts in your office.

Many of our clients choose to do a website takeover because they are generally happy with the layout, color scheme and design of their current website. It is important to note that with a website takeover, you cannot make major design changes to the website, but you can make small design changes. This gives you the flexibility of improving your website visually without have to go through a brand new website design process. If your website is over  four to five years old, we highly recommend designing a brand new website, because technology and patient expectations have changed dramatically in that time frame.

A website takeover will give you the same benefits of aggressive white hat search engine optimization, because we will recode the entire site from the ground up, which will maximize your rankings online and make your website friendlier to the search engines. Many SEO firms will happily just take your current website and make minimal changes to it and take your money every month. We firmly believe that when we take on a project, it has to be done right from the start in order to keep you as a long-term client. When a company can just transfer your website to a new server, they are not able to change the internal structure of the websites coding. What they will do is make small changes to your website’s SEO, but with small changes come small results. With SEO,  it is important for you to do it right from the start and not to look for an easy way out. This is important for your local search engine optimization and also for targeting larger, broader search terms.

With search engine optimization, many companies will use very elementary tactics in order to gain your business, but they do not have the client’s long-term goals in mind. In order to get your website to the top of the search engines, there is no quick fix or easy way to do it. It requires a website that is built for the search engines and for patient conversion. Your website needs to be coded in the exact manner that Google wants, along with having the ability to be modifiable, because the algorithms of the search engines change so frequently. Algorithm changes with Google happen frequently, and it is important that your website can easily be changed to meet the ongoing changes made by Google and the other search engines.

When choosing a company, you need to understand a few important things:

1. The first and most important is that if your website was currently coded and structured properly, you would be ranking well and would not have a need for a new SEO company. The reason you are looking for a new company is because it is not.

2. Zero or low transfer fees indicate the amount of work you should expect from your new company. The bottom line is if you want to be at the top of the search engines, it will require a lot of work to make it happen. In order to rank well online, your site likely needs to be put in a Google-friendly format and structure. This is something very few companies invest in because it is time consuming and requires up-to-date knowledge of what Google wants, and most companies don’t have the knowledge to actually do what is needed. You have already found that out the hard way, since you are currently looking for a new SEO company.

3. You need to understand that in most cases, the structure of your website – meaning the backend coding and the way the site was built – needs to be completely rebuilt in a format that is friendly and easy for the search engines to read. Most companies avoid this hard but smart task because it hurts the bottom line. They make changes to the top-level stuff within the website, which does little for you long term. It would be the equivalent of just putting oil in a broken engine and hoping it fixes it. With NKP, we will not take over a website unless this is done, because it can’t be done properly any other way. Most companies are happy to have you sign on and take your money for 12 months and hope you stick around longer. We build long-term clients, long-term relationships, mainly because we are always ALL in. We know that the only way our company will continue to experience substantial growth is if our clients are happy and making money. That is our #1 goal. NKP has grown to be the one of the largest medical marketing agencies because of this.

4. Trust your company with an actual company that has been in business for over five years. According the the SBA, 90% of businesses fail within the first five years, NKP Medical has been in business over 12 years. You have been to annual meetings and always see the “new” marketing company that is going to change everything. These companies do not have the “golden ticket”; you are basically funding a new start up and hoping for the best. The following year, they are out of business and have taken your money and ran. NKP understands that you are not a bank with an endless supply of money to invest with, and we also understand that your marketing can “make or break” your practice. Understand the value of working with a company that has been in the industry for over 12 years – over and over, we have seen new companies thinking you have all the money in the world for marketing and soon finding out that is not the case. We highly recommend to never choose a company that has not been in business over five years marketing specifically for cosmetic practices. It is just one additional risk you should not take because of both the short and long-term risks for your practice.

NKP Medical is very proud of the results we have produced for our clients. The first client that joined with NKP Medical for SEO 12 years ago is still a client, and our extreme growth year after year is mostly due to our clients referring their friends. The best testament to our service is our clients sending us business (similar to your word-of-mouth patients) and our clients calling and requesting additional services because of their past success with us.

A website takeover with NKP ensures that your website will remain beautiful, stay current with coding to ensure long-term online rankings, increase patient conversion and have all the other benefits of a new custom design, just minus the custom design process and fee.

We take pride in our work

Effective Medical Website Design involves more than just design, more than content, more than mere knowledge. Effective Medical Website Development requires a combination of all of these in conjunction with intelligence, daily hard work and exceptional effort. NKP Medical has numerous web designers, all with different styles of design.

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