“My experience with NKP Medical Marketing has greatly exceeded expectations. He really does a great job of giving a very personal feel and approach to the business. You don’t feel like you are being managed by a large impersonal company with an “account representative”. I interviewed several different competitors in that space when we were looking to make a change a couple of years ago. They do a great job of review of your current site and laying out “realistic expectations” for change and results. Once we made the decision the process was smooth and efficient. With NKP’s help the site was re-organized, re- designed and optimized. Throughout the process they have been receptive and very responsive. They give excellent customer service with quick response to questions and changes. In addition to the great service they have great design sense as well. It’s a winning combo great people and great work. Our referrals thru our web site have increased and we get many positive comments from patients. I have referred several senior, established colleagues, who have moved their business to NKP and have been very pleased and thankful for the referral”