I would like to express what a difference your site has made to our practice. Over the last year, you have provided us with more leads than even our own website. We take your leads and put them into Consult by Patient Concepts our presentation and lead tracking software and then follow-up with the patients.Since we are able to track not only the leads from you but from our patients your website sent to us, your leads have only cost us pennies. Recently our Physician was on a TV show and again, we received more leads from you than from our own website. You have the ability to get us so high on the search engines that people must find us on your site first. Needless to say we are thrilled with your site and service to us. We have had patients come in from all over the world thanks to your leads. We recently did surgery on someone from Turkey who found us from your site.We have used several lead generation sites and your site is by far THE BEST!Thanks again.