Website Takeover

If you are happy with the overall design of your medical website but want it to bring more new patients to your practice, a website takeover from NKP Medical Marketing is a great solution.

NKP does website takeovers for plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, med spas, dermatologists, dentists, and similar specialty medical practices. We have nearly 15 years of experience managing digital marketing for specialty medical practices.

What is a Website Takeover?

A website takeover involves rewriting the website code and applying a comprehensive SEO strategy to maximize the results of your website. All websites are optimized for Google and other search engines so that your website ranks well in relevant searches. Your website is built with Google’s most current algorithm in mind causing Google’s valuation of your web page in search results to improve. Your practice’s website ranking will improve and your site will receive more traffic because they are more visible to online searchers.

In addition to improving the search engine rankings of your medical practice website, NKP’s takeover will result in a higher conversion rate for those that visit your website. This means more patients for your practice. Conversion will be improved with techniques including enhanced content, improved internal website structure, user experience, and calls to action amongst other techniques.

NKP Medical’s website takeover will improve your medical website’s performance by:

  • Upgrading your web page’s search ranking across all search engines driving more traffic to your website and
  • Convert a higher percentage of the traffic coming to your website to leads to patients

NKP has more than a decade of experience building websites for plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, med spas, dermatologists, dentists, and similar specialty medical practices. Our proven techniques will dramatically improve your website results. NKP’s team of experts will collaborate with you to reach a larger audience by getting your website to be more visible in relevant searches, drive more organic traffic to your site and convert more traffic into leads for your medical practice.

What you can expect from NKP Medical’s Website Takeover?

The look of your website will not change with a website takeover. No website design or layout work is needed which makes the process faster and less expensive than designing and building a new website. Minor design changes can be made after the takeover is complete.

  • The code of your website will be rewritten to meet today’s highest standards;
  • A comprehensive SEO strategy that will be implemented across your reconstructed site;
  • A 30-day timeline from start to finish;
  • A dedicated implementation manager will be in constant contact with you to provide updates and receive feedback; and
  • A website that ranks better with search engines, receives more organic traffic and converts a higher percentage of this traffic to leads for your medical practice.

What if your website design is outdated?

If your website is more than a couple of years old, it is probably time for a completely new website design. Your website will likely be the first introduction to your practice that a prospective patient receives. A fresh and modern design can make a great first impression. The standard of web page design is raised every year and design trends also change. In order to meet your patients’ expectations and remain strong within a field of rapidly evolving competition, your medical practice can benefit greatly by embodying the cutting edge standards of web design. We often recommend getting a brand new medical website design from NKP. If a new website design is something you want to invest in, learn more.

Website Takeovers For Patient Acquisition

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with the experts at websites for plastic surgeons, med spas, and other medical practices. We’ve been doing this for 15+ years and designing websites for medical practices is the only thing we do. We’ll discuss your practice and then tell you exactly what we can do to help increase your lead generation.