The NKP Pledge

1. Client FirstOur number one priority is always our clients. We will always do anything and everything we can to help you expand your practice both online and offline.

2. Customer ServiceWe know your website is a huge inflow of cash for your practice and that updates to your website directly help your business. We are always available to help you grow your practice and are known to give the best customer service in the industry.

3. Hard WorkThe success of our company is dependent on the success of our clients. We work hard to make you succeed because in turn, we succeed.

4. Smart MarketingWe aggressively market for our clients from day one. What takes most companies six months to achieve take us one month. We are always seeking new ways to make your website better, both from an SEO standpoint and a patient conversion standpoint.

5. Every Client Is a New ClientFrom day one to year six and beyond, we treat every client as a new client. Most companies will try to impress you initially and then service will dwindle away. Our 10-year client is treated the same as a day-one client, ensuring that changes, updates and marketing campaigns are always aggressive and impressive.

6. ProfitabilityYour website should be very profitable for you. We have clients who depend on it (literally 95% of new patients are a result of their website). We know that when you make money, we make money. It is a true win-win!

7. Staying CurrentWe always will keep you informed of things that you should be doing, shouldn’t be doing or should consider doing to help grow your business.

8. No NonsenseIf we feel that you are making mistakes marketing your practice, we will always be upfront and give you the advice you need with the information to back up our thoughts. We feel that being upfront is the only way to do business and we expect the same.