Medical Social Media Marketing Services for Improved Patient Engagement

NKP manages social media for plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, med spas, dermatologists, dentists and similar specialty medical practices. We have nearly 15 years of experience managing digital marketing for speciality medical practices.

Why Is Social Media Important To My Medical Practice?

Social media is an increasingly important part of a medical practice’s marketing strategy. Social media is best used to:
  • Engage with past and prospective patients to keep your practice top-of-mind;
  • Create opportunities to generate new patients; and
  • Develop insights about your client base.
Engaging with past patients keeps your practice top of mind and generates repeat business. Using social media as a platform to educate patients about the procedures and treatments your practice offers is an effective way to increase lead generation for patients. For prospective patients, a strong social media presence leads to an increased level of confidence in your practice. Publishing posts on a consistent schedule and showing patient results and reviews present “social proof” to prospects. It also nurtures the consideration of former patients. Great social media pages drive traffic to their practice’s websites. Social media marketing is also a way to better understand your target market including their needs and goals. Social media can provide a glimpse into your target audience and drive meaningful content decisions for your website and other digital marketing. Understanding your target audience is an intangible value that needs to be considered when implementing a social media strategy.

Custom Strategy For Your Practice

An effective social media strategy increases brand transparency for your existing and new patients. It is critical that your practice’s brand is consistently aligned with your strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing. Our team will create a customized strategy tailored to your unique practice goals that matches your brand aesthetically and strategically.

What you can expect from NKP Medical’s Social Media Management Services

The services offered by our social media marketing experts include:
  • Custom-built social media pages
  • Creation of unique and original content that focuses on patient conversion
  • Engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and YouTube.
  • Monthly campaign optimization and strategy meetings.
  • Promotional posts for your practice’s monthly specials
  • Search-engine-friendly promotion and linking from social sites
  • Custom reports and metrics
  • Proven strategies to increase patient engagement, including likes, shares, and increased traffic to your website

Measuring Success

We strive to offer our clients services that will yield the highest return on investment. To this end, we have developed numerous unique and measurable metrics that allow you to gauge if your social media marketing techniques are truly working or not. Metrics include overall page user growth, post engagement metrics and website traffic. These allow us to measure the growth of your brand and how many past and prospective patients are seeing your content across all your platforms. We will also assess your social media strategy within the context of your overall digital strategy, which often translates to aligning the content and design of your posts with your SEO and advertising campaigns.

Why Choose NKP

NKP has over 15 years of experience working with plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, med spas, dermatologists, dentists and similar specialty medical practices. Our marketing strategies have proven to increase patient acquisition. While each practice will have a distinct brand and goals, our experience allows us to ramp up your social media strategy faster and more effectively than other marketing agencies. Similar to medical technology and best practices, social media can change at a rapid pace. It is important that the agency you partner with also has a pulse on what’s changing in digital marketing specific to medical practices.

Start Growing Your Social Media Today

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