Drive Patient Growth with NKP Medical's Expert PPC Advertising Solutions

Digital Advertising is a critical part of every practice’s marketing plan. NKP focuses on paid advertising with Google and social media platforms. We work with practices to refine their advertising campaigns (by procedure, location, etc.) and then manage the spending across several platforms. Our management allows you to maximize outcomes (i.e. leads) within the budget you are comfortable with.

NKP knows your industry and can therefore serve your practice the best. We know the nuances of the services you offer and how to best advertise for them. We have a wealth of historical data to determine what will likely be the most effective in the future. The value of having a company that understands your industry is huge – it is the difference between spending your advertising money effectively or not.

A Little Strategy goes a long way

The other important thing to understand with PPC is that being at the top for all terms is likely the wrong marketing plan unless you are unique and have a gigantic budget and an extremely high margin. With NKP, you get a very specific marketing plan that fits your practice needs. We evaluate many aspects of your practice including a detailed overview of your market, what your competition is doing, what has worked in the past and what sets your practice as a leader for our target market.

Pay Per Click advertising is absolutely something to consider for your practice, even if you are already at the top of the search engines organically. NKP currently manages a combined budget of over $400,000 a month in PPC and we know what works, what doesn’t work and also the common pitfalls that most practices spend months figuring out.

Clients of NKP spend 30% less than its competition and get 15% more traffic. With PPC, knowledge is power and it is very easy to be fooled into choosing the wrong company. One example is when someone claims to be a certified AdWords specialist – Did you know that is a 25-minute test with Google anyone can take…and pass. PPC also can be a very good complement to SEO if done properly. SEO is the smartest and most cost-effective long term plan for your websites growth but PPC can play a major role in your growth if done properly and usually will yield a high return, again if done properly

Our promise – transparent spending

We know of plenty of surgeons with great stories of results from their PPC campaigns. Our favorite is the “51 cent facelift”, the total cost of acquiring the new patient through PPC.

We offer dependable service that you can directly track yourself allowing you to monitor your campaign’s progress and success. NKP is very unique because we do not charge our clients a hard to understand rate. Our clients are able to log into their Google account and track exact clicks, exactly how much they’re paying, and exactly what converted. The benefit for you is, a) you are charged directly by the search engine, so there’s no doubt in your mind exactly what you are spending for every click. Many companies don’t give you this access because it hurts their bottom line. Many companies charge 35 percent of your budget as a commission. This means that for every hundred dollars you spend, you are giving them $35 dollars. This means fewer clicks for you, results you can’t track, and a lot of money for them.

Get Noticed Across The Web

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with the digital advertising experts for medical practices looking for patient growth. We’ll discuss your practice and then tell you exactly what we can do to help increase your lead generation.