There are a multitude of factors that Google takes into account when ranking your site in search results. How important a role these factors play can vary due to things like updates to Google’s algorithms. So how do you figure out which factors are key and which ones have lost their effectiveness? You simply have to analyze the numbers.

Let’s Talk Links

Do links still play a big role when it comes to Google rankings? The numbers say yes they do for 2019, and those numbers have been fairly consistent year after year. Having links to your site in areas with high visibility and user engagement is undeniably tied to good Google search rankings.

Having multiple good-quality links is seen as an indicator that the webpage being linked to contains quality content. It’s kind of like a popularity poll. The more popular your site is, the more links there will be to it, and if your site is popular, it is likely due to the fact that the content on it is worth reading and valuable.

All Links Are Not Created Equal

It must be stressed that it’s good-quality links that are important, not just any links. Think about it like this: If a major news site posted a link to your site, the amount of traffic that would result would be incredibly high. There is also the benefit of having a site with a good reputation link to your site, since that site is unlikely to link to something sketchy.

Now compare that to a link from some small personal blog with low viewership. Since there’s less of a guarantee of quality and less of a benefit in terms of traffic, it’s clear which one is more valuable.

How Can NKP Medical Help?

At NKP Medical, we offer multiple services that you can use to improve your rankings. We can provide you with quality content for your site, help broaden your reach through social media posts and engagement, and solidify your reputation as a professional business that provides outstanding services. Contact our office today to speak with a representative and find out what we can do for you.