This month, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released new statistics on the frequency and popularity of cosmetic procedures. According to the data, the number of cosmetic procedures performed in 2018 was significantly higher than the previous year. The top five cosmetic procedures of 2018 also show that the popularity of body procedures is on the rise.

Rising Numbers

It’s no surprise that 2018 saw a rise in the number of cosmetic procedures performed. There has been a steady increase in that number over the past few years. What is noteworthy is just how big the increase in the number of procedures performed was.

Over 12.7 million minimally invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures were performed in 2018, which is a quarter of a million more than 2017.

The fact that both surgical and non-surgical treatments saw a boost in frequency can indicate that more people are combining surgical and non-surgical treatments as a way to deliver more comprehensive results. Plastic surgeons looking to increase the number of treatments they perform may want to start discussing different treatment combinations with potential clients.

Body Procedures Are the New Thing

While breast augmentation has always remained one of the most popular procedures, facelifts, brow lifts, and other facial procedures have dominated for years.

In 2018, however, three of the top five most popular procedures were body procedures. In particular, the number of liposuction procedures performed saw a big increase. This rise in liposuction popularity coincides with the increase in non-surgical body-contouring procedures.

Treatments like CoolSculpting are the perfect choice for people who may be apprehensive about undergoing surgery but still want to get rid of excess fat in areas around their body. Offering both liposuction and a non-surgical alternative can be a great way to cover all your bases and ensure that potential clients become paying patients.

How NKP Can Help You Take Advantage of These Growing Numbers

Now that you know that the market for cosmetic care is only getting bigger, it’s time to focus on how you’re going to secure a portion of those clients for yourself.

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