If you’ve read our previous blog on Google algorithm updates, you’ll know that Google is constantly tweaking and updating their algorithms throughout the year. Some of these changes are more major than others. These updates can also have varying impacts on different fields and industries.

On August 1st, Google announced that they rolled out a core algorithm update, one of the largest updates they have released. Google does not reveal the changes they make with each update, but the direct effects of the update can be tracked post-launch. This data can be used to gain a clearer understanding of what the update has affected.

What’s New?

The latest core algorithm update seems to have had a major impact on medical and health sites. In fact, in a study of 300 sites, nearly 42% of the sites that saw major changes were medical or health sites.

Other sites not related to the health or medical field were also affected by these changes, but the numbers clearly indicate that the health and medical fields were specifically targeted. It should also be noted that this update is global, which means all regions are affected.

Google has stated that many sites may notice an increase or decrease in their rankings. They have also stated that there is nothing that can be fixed in order to restore a site’s previous success.

So what do you do if your site has been negatively affected? If we take Google at their word, that means that the best thing you can do is analyze your whole site and try to identify areas that are in need of improvement. Making the necessary changes to your site can end up improving your overall success beyond your previous performance.

If you need someone to analyze your site and give you a detailed breakdown of which areas need improvement, you can contact NKP Medical to request a complimentary website evaluation. One of our experts will carefully comb through your site and provide you with feedback. From there, we can work with you to help ensure that your site is optimized and performing well.

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