Last month, we talked about Google’s algorithms and how they determine the ranking of each site based on keywords and other relevant factors. We also talked about the constant changes Google makes to its algorithms, including this year’s major switch over to mobile-first indexing. In this blog, we are going to discuss what mobile-first indexing is and how it directly impacts your rankings.

The way that people engage with your website has changed. Years ago, most people would have to take the time to sit at their desktop and scroll through your website. Now, we just pull out our phones or tablets and scroll through mobile sites to find what we are looking for. This fundamental change is what led to Google’s decision to adopt mobile-first indexing.

Terms You Need to Know

Indexing – The process of gathering, analyzing, and storing information from websites. When a site is being crawled by a bot, the bot records information such as title tags, key content tags, the keywords on a page, and the locations of these keywords. It then stores this information in an index. When searching for something, the search engine looks through the information in the index instead of scanning every page on a site for relevant information. The index optimizes the performance and speed of the search so it can provide high-quality results faster.

Ranking – The position of your website on the list provided by a search engine. Search engines aim to offer results that provide the most relevant information to the searcher’s query. A site’s ranking is based on a multitude of factors, like keywords and the amount of links to your site from other websites.

What Mobile-First Indexing Means for the Success of Your Site

To put it simply, Google now uses the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking instead of the desktop version. Google has also stated that they will continue to use only one index. That means that the information gathered from your mobile site will have the most significant impact on your rankings.

There is no need to panic if your mobile site is not quite where it needs to be. Google has stated that they will be slowly transitioning sites to mobile-first indexing to make the process smoother for both users and site owners.

Google has also provided some useful information to help you make the transition. You can check that our here.

How We Can Help

Big changes like this can be overwhelming for some, and making the necessary changes can be difficult to do on your own. Fortunately, this is not something you need to handle on your own.

At NKP Medical, we specialize in ensuring the success of your site. That means we can optimize your mobile site, optimize the content on your site, and help to raise your rankings by making the necessary updates. If you want to learn more about how we can help your website succeed, contact our office to speak to one of our senior account representatives.

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