For decades, plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures were undeniably more popular among women than men. Women were the primary market for the majority of cosmetic procedures, from Botox injections to facelifts. Because of this, focusing advertising and marketing around women just made more sense.

But trends change, even if it takes decades. The rise in popularity for male plastic surgery and male aesthetic services has been truly astounding. This change means that the market for plastic surgery has experienced major growth. Now, there are countless new potential customers that you can reach with your services.

What Changed?

There are a lot of reasons why aesthetic procedures for men have become more popular over the years. Overall, there has been a noticeable shift in how men think about their appearance. Just a few years ago, it didn’t matter as much if men had a youthful and fresh look to them, so the idea of getting surgery to correct issues like drooping eyelids seemed unnecessary.

It could be because of the rise in the popularity of social media, or maybe the result of a general change in the perception of how men “should” look; regardless, there is no denying that more and more men are thinking about the way they look. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgery, the amount of male procedures performed has tripled from 1997 to 2015, and that number continues to grow every year.

Targeting a Growing Market

Now that you know that the market for male plastic surgery is growing, it’s time to think about how you can adapt to this new trend and bring in more business. There are a lot of things you can do that can help you bring in more business from male clients.

Is your marketing campaign female centric? If it looks like your practice caters only towards women, you may be driving away potential clients. Generally speaking, there is a difference between the ideal male and female aesthetic. It may help to try and target both groups by appearing more neutral or by having “female services” and “male services.” If a potential male customer comes across your site and notices an option like “Botox for men” or “male facelift,” they’re more likely to pursue those options.

You should also keep an eye on the most popular male procedures. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgery, liposuction is the top procedure for men. Try advertising liposuction for men and focusing on selling it as a way to sculpt a more toned and masculine physique. Male-specific procedures like male breast reduction are also incredibly popular. If you don’t currently provide this service, it may be worth looking into.

Our team at NKP Medical can help you expand into the male plastic surgery market and bring in countless new clients. We can work with you to customize your site, build a social media campaign, and improve your SEO for male procedures. Contact our office today to speak with one of our representatives.