One of the keys to running a successful medical practice is maintaining a steady influx of new patients. Yes, the quality of the medical service you provide is also extremely important. But right now, let’s talk about the importance of acquiring new patients.

How do you attract new patients? Years ago, an ad on a bus stop or billboard could do a lot for you. A large number of patients would be locals who heard about your location and found it convenient, and some people would make a slightly longer trip based on recommendations or reviews. Today, a good ranking on a Google search can make all the difference.

Why SEO Matters in the Medical Market

There is no denying how big a role search engine results play when it comes to which businesses people choose to go to, and that includes medical practices. A majority of people will do a quick online search to find local businesses that can provide them with what they need.

The thing is, most people don’t look past the first page of search results. So if you don’t rank on page one, you won’t be seeing the steady flow of new patients that your practice needs to thrive. If a local competitor is ranking well, the amount of business you are losing is exponentially worse.

People also tend to prioritize quality over convenience. Let’s say they know of a local practice that can provide them with what they need, but they still decide to do a quick search to see what their options are. If they find a practice just a few miles farther with five-star reviews and positive comments, that local business will likely lose out on the potential patient.

How NKP Can Boost Your SEO

At NKP Medical Marketing, SEO is an integral part of what we do for our clients. It’s not just about getting you on the front page, it’s about putting in the work to keep your rankings consistently high. Our team dedicates a part of every work day to keeping up to date with SEO best practices so that we can make changes and adjustments right when you need them.

We can provide you with a free website evaluation to help you identify the areas where you need help, and we can build you a brand-new SEO-friendly site. Contact NKP today to speak with one of our representatives.