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Patient referral websites can be a great attribute to generate traffic to your website. Choosing the right one is important.

Patient referral websites can be an excellent tool in getting a lot of patients – if you choose the right ones. Many of the sites will over-saturate the market, which only harms you but makes them more money. We have also dealt with hundreds of plastic surgeons, LASIK surgeons and cosmetic dentists throughout the United States and Canada. Cosmetic referral sites can be a huge asset to your business, but they can also be a huge drain. We have a lot of experience and know which sites tend to work the best, which sites don’t and which sites to definitely stay away from. Let us help you in your decision process. When choosing a patient referral website, we recommended, at minimum, having the following questions answered.

A. What qualifications does a surgeon need to have to advertise on the site?
You do not want to be affiliated with unqualified doctors/practices.

B. How many past clients do you have?
If they can’t remember or don’t know, you may have to worry. Client turnover occurs due to low results. I know of one company that has about 400 current clients but over 1,100 past clients. Your chance of succeeding there is much lower than other websites.

C. Call their clients – do not rely solely on client names they provide. Peruse the website and find some people you know, in non-competitive areas. If you don’t know anyone, then just call a couple random clients. Be sure to point out that you are in a non-competitive area, so they do not see you as competition and can thus feel free to give you an honest opinion.

For a full list of recommendations, please email us here. If you are smart in your decision process, you can really increase your chances of succeeding online!

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